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Successful connection to using Objective-C

Alright… Been procrastinating again.  But tonight I successfully extracted my Call Detail Records (CDR) from using an Objective-C program. expose a REST/JSON API that makes it possible to do a lot of things, and I’m hoping to create an app to control many features of my account without having to log in to the web site.

The Apple documentation is a bit blurry when you’re just beginning with the Cocoa API, so I had to hunt down a few examples and work from that.  The good news is that nothing did what I wanted, so I had to fiddle quite a bit to get things to work.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll know what I’m doing well enough that I’ll be able to write a post here about it. provide samples in PHP and .NET, would be nice to have a ready-made Objective-C demo for those who want to get working right away… Stay tuned.  For now, my back needs a break, and I hear Netflix calling…